March 20, 2018

Texas Green Industry Safety Group Dividends Exceed $3 Million

Dallas, TX -(BusinessWire)- Hotchkiss Insurance Programs, LLC announced a $273,731 dividend to the Texas Green Industry Workers’ Compensation Safety Group (TGI) today bringing total dividends paid to the group to $3,246,032. The group’s total premium volume and loss ratio are factors in determining its dividend.

The TGI Safety Group, formed in February 2004 exclusively for landscapers, nursery growers and other green industry businesses in Texas, provides workers’ compensation coverage that provides an automatic 10.9% premium discount to every policyholder. The announcement marks the eighth dividend paid to the group’s policyholders by Texas Mutual Insurance Company, the program underwriter.

“The TGI Workers’ Compensation Safety Group is growing in participation. The Board of Directors and the Safety Committee are made up of Texas policyholders who are committed to making this industry safer for workers and providing education and training opportunities for their peers. The dedication to professionalism and to education at every level of this industry is supported by the TGI Group. TGI is proud to have the exclusive endorsement of the Texas Nursery Landscape Association (TNLA) who continues to lead in industry professional education and practices,” said TGI Safety Group Administrator, Jessica Goehring.

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) allows employers in similar industries to reduce their workers’ comp premiums by purchasing their coverage as a group. The TGI Safety Group is a TDI-approved safety group that is open to most growers, landscape contractors, retail nursery, irrigation contractors and other green industry businesses.

Source: BusinessWire

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