June 20, 2018

Company Nurse Announces Strategic Partnership with V3 Insurance Partners

Scottsdale, AZ – Company Nurse, LLC announces its strategic alliance with V3 Insurance Partners LLC (“V3”), a specialty managing general underwriting agency. The partnership offers telephonic nurse triage services and extensive data reporting as a value-added addition to the companies’ V3iConnect Comp internet workers’ compensation offering.

“By utilizing our expertise in managing medical costs and establishing immediate communication with injured employees, we see combining our specialties as resulting in better medical outcomes and recoveries; which positively reflects back on employees, employers and carriers,” says Paul Binsfeld, owner and president of Company Nurse.

V3 President and CEO Susan Rivera states, “We have always sought ways to enhance our products and customer experiences which is what sets us apart. Aligning with Company Nurse adds a new element to our program by starting personalized medical care for an injury, at the start of the reporting process.” Pam Wagner, V3’s Workers’ Compensation Practice Leader, further commented, “Our insureds should think of Company Nurse as being their ‘in-house’ medical department – ready at all times to respond to and assist the injured worker with professional guidance.”

The program is utilizing the services of Company Nurse with regard to its niche in nurse triage and reporting for employers on behalf of employees injured on-the-job. Not only does Company Nurse serve as a market differentiator, the company will also streamline the claims reporting process to reduce losses.

“Company Nurse takes a complex, unpredictable, medical and legal process that involves potentially every employee and supervisor and simplifies it to a phone call,” adds Binsfeld. Numerous gaps can occur in the exchange of information between multiple parties. Company Nurse fills the gap as a communication hub, from gathering the injury information and the initial decision for medical service for the employee, to sending injury report data to the other stakeholders including the employer, claims adjuster and medical provider.

“Aligning with V3 and their insureds, simply stated, we can now offer a better outcome overall on claims and care for the injured employee,” states Binsfeld.

Source: PRWeb

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