June 19, 2018

Stratose Announces Partnership with First Health

Atlanta, GA -(BusinessWire)- Stratose, a leader in healthcare cost containment services for medical, dental and workers’ compensation claims, is pleased to announce their partnership with First Health.

Stratose and First Health have partnered to deliver the most comprehensive medical cost containment solutions in the industry for Self Insured Plans. The offering allows one to customize their medical cost strategies with industry leading products from each company ensuring best-in-class results.

By combining First Health’s broad PPO Network that offers strong discounts and expansive coverage throughout the United States, with Stratose’s comprehensive cost containment tools, one can tailor their medical cost strategy to the specific areas that are underperforming.

The combined solution includes:

  • First Health’s industry leading Primary and Complementary logo networks
  • Stratose non-logo Supplemental Networks
  • Cost based fee schedules
  • Egregious Billing
  • Strategic Negotiation
  • Medicare Pricing Solutions

“We have already created a seamless electronic interface that allows you to access any solution, in any combination from both companies. It has never been so easy to access a variety of saving solutions through one EDI or Web connection. In fact, if you already have connectivity with Stratose or First Health, you are ready to access our combined solutions,” says Terry Harris, EVP Sales and Account Management.

Source: BusinessWire

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