March 15, 2018

WorkCompRecap: Reforms & RTW!

Today’s issue of WorkCompRecap features a new release from the IAIABC, who are presenting an extended conversation between John Burton, Douglas Holmes, and Gregory Krohm on the overall impact of state workers’ compensation reforms in the last two decades. The three experts disagree about whether the state law changes that reduce indemnity benefits and tighten eligibility standards for compensable claims are causing cost-shifting to other social insurance programs. Find out more by clicking here!

Also in the news today is WCRI’s announcement of their upcoming webinar on return to work issues. WCRI will present a one hour session on Wednesday, July 11 at 1pm ET, with Senior Public Policy Analyst Sharon Belton covering identification of features of workers’ comp systems that promote timely, safe, and sustainable return to work, those that create barriers, and also how the economic downturn has magnified or diminished the impact those features have on RTW. Find out more by clicking here!

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