May 15, 2018

PMSI’s DMEComplete Combines Unit Cost and Utilization Control For DME Cost Containment

Tampa, FL -(PRWeb)- PMSI, a national provider of specialty products and services for the workers’ compensation market, addresses the topic of durable medical equipment (DME) spend in the June digital edition of Risk & Insurance magazine, and will feature its DMEComplete™ solution at the upcoming Workers’ Compensation Institute’s (WCI) conference in August. PMSI developed its DMEComplete program as a systematic approach to increase network penetration and more effectively manage utilization of durable medical equipment, showing annual savings of up to 20%.

“Today, cost control in DME demands the same critical focus on data, clinical interventions and protocols as in pharmacy,” stated Pat Sullivan, PMSI’s President of Ancillary Services. “PMSI’s DMEComplete is a comprehensive solution that increases network penetration and delivers a clinically managed approach for consistent and positive outcomes by controlling appropriateness, frequency and duration of therapy. Through this comprehensive strategy, prospective orders increase dramatically so that clinical interventions can be applied earlier in the claim duration.”

PMSI’s clinical approach is guided by evidence-based medicine and clinical policy guidelines (CPGs) developed by a panel of workers’ compensation clinicians and specialists, as well as ACOEM and ODG clinical guidelines. The resulting workers’ compensation-specific formulary addresses the top 36 categories of products commonly used to treat workers’ compensation injuries, including an evaluation of the appropriateness of initial product selection as well as duration and frequency of use. The ultimate goal is to alert payors when overutilization is potentially occurring.

“Through clinical oversight, use of medical equipment can be managed more aggressively and/or adjusted where it is no longer appropriate, effective or necessary, potentially reducing costs and providing the most effective care,” continued Sullivan. “Rooted in sound, workers’ compensation-focused clinical guidelines and evidence-based medicine protocols, DMEComplete addresses product necessity, appropriateness, duration, and frequency of use in controlling utilization.”

To view the full article and accompanying video, visit, and view this and other videos online at Learn more by visiting PMSI at WCI, booths 633 and 635.

Source: PRWeb

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