May 21, 2018

CA WCIRB: Insurance Commissioner Issues Decision on Rate Filing

San Francisco, CA – The Insurance Commissioner has issued a Decision regarding the WCIRB’s July 1, 2012 Pure Premium Rate Filing which was submitted to the Department of Insurance on April 12, 2012. In his Decision, the Commissioner approved new advisory pure premium rates that average $2.49 per $100 of payroll.

The Commissioner does not set premium rates in California, as each individual insurer files the premium rates it will charge with the Department of Insurance. An insurer may use the advisory pure premium rates as one of the components upon which its filed rates are based. For information about the differences between pure premium rates and insurer rates, see the Rates You Pay information on the WCIRB website.

The Insurance Commissioner’s Decision, the July 1, 2012 advisory pure premium rates and other documents related to the WCIRB Filing may be viewed, printed or downloaded from the Regulatory Filings section of the WCIRB website (

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