March 21, 2018

Coventry Releases 2011 First Script Drug Trends Report

Downers Grove, IL – Coventry Workers’ Comp Services, a division of Coventry Health Care, Inc., has released its 2011 First Script Drug Trends Report. The report includes information on prescriptions billed in 2011 through Coventry’s First Script pharmacy benefit program, and includes comparisons to 2010 as well as national statistics.

The report outlines pharmaceutical trends identified for workers’ compensation injuries and explains how they compare to trends within the industry. The purpose of the report is to identify cost and utilization patterns and offer solutions to manage these trends. Insight into the potential drivers behind these patterns, as well as regulatory observations and industry projections are discussed.

Some interesting findings in this year’s report include the continued affect that age of injury has on the claim. While the 2011 First Script data continues to show that spend and utilization increase over the life of the claim, the cost per prescription and number of prescriptions in each year did not significantly change from 2010 to 2011, which differs from industry wide trends demonstrating increases in prescription utilization. Average Wholesale price (AWP) continues to have unquestionable influence on overall drug spend. In 2011, the top 25 workers’ compensation drugs experienced an AWP average increase of 11.5%. The top 10 drugs continued to comprise 36% of total scripts and 44% of total spend. While OxyContin® remains at the top of the list, for the first time in three years, a slight decrease in both OxyContin® scripts and spend was observed.

“Our trends report confirms Coventry’s focus on the value of utilization management in combating rising prescription costs, as evidenced by the results shared.” said Brian Carpenter, R.Ph, vice president of pharmacy product development. “First Script, as part of Coventry’s integrated workers’ compensation product suite, continues to be on the forefront of changes in legislation, changes in drug management programs, and new and innovative programs to control costs while more effectively supporting injured workers and their employers.”

The complete report is available here: Coventry WCS 2011 First Script Drug Trends Report (PDF)

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