March 18, 2018

Mitchell International Implements XML Bridge With PMSI

SAN DIEGO, CA (Marketwire) – Mitchell International, Inc., a leading provider of technology, connectivity and information solutions to the Property & Casualty claims and Collision Repair industries, today announced that the SmartAdvisor™ XML Partner Bridge is now available to process bills through PMSI Inc.’s durable medical equipment (DME) provider network and Retrospective Re-Pricing program. PMSI is a leading provider of Home Health and DME services for injured workers, offering a proprietary network of over 6,500 provider locations across all 50 states.

The SmartAdvisor XML Partner Bridge empowers insurance payers to retrospectively obtain in-network contract repricing for DME and other specialty medical services to contain costs and optimize claims settlement outcomes. “Mitchell strives to simplify complex business environments by offering a robust breadth of solutions supported by a unified delivery platform. By partnering with best-of-breed solutions providers like PMSI, we offer our clients advanced claims handling technology such as the SmartAdvisor XML Partner Bridge to reduce medical claims turnaround time while adding savings and improving claims outcomes,” said Nina Smith-Garmon, senior vice president and general manager of the Mitchell Workers’ Compensation Solutions Division.

Pat Sullivan, division president of PMSI, said, “PMSI is pleased to partner with Mitchell to offer clients additional cost savings and control over their workers’ compensation claims expenses with our vendor compliance and retrospective re-pricing programs. In combination with these programs, our clinically based utilization controls and evidence-based guidelines carefully monitor appropriateness and progression of care, creating a comprehensive cost containment approach.”

The SmartAdvisor Partner Bridge gives medical bill review organizations the power to conduct efficient contract repricing and enhanced savings audits. Bill review turnaround time is reduced, giving payers visibility into performance and process benchmarks using only the most current, accurate provider contracts and repricing data. Built on standard XML file formats, the Partner Bridge enables users to obtain the latest repricing data from networks, negotiation partners, specialty reviewers and other specialty services.

Source: MarketWire

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