March 18, 2018

Florida CFO Announces First Meeting of Workers’ Comp Fraud Work Group

Tallahassee, FL – Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater announced the first meeting of the Money Service Business Workers’ Comp Fraud Work Group. At the Aug. 2 Cabinet meeting, CFO Atwater announced the creation of the work group to review the practices of certain bad actors in the check cashing services industry aiding in workers’ compensation premium fraud, which is putting pressure on rates and crippling the business community.

“I am looking forward to working together to develop solutions for combating this growing crime trend,” said CFO Atwater. “Bringing together stakeholders will take us one step closer to the solutions we need to expedite jail time for these con artists.”

The work group includes representatives from the CFO’s Division of Insurance Fraud as well as the Office of Financial Regulation, the Attorney General’s Office, and the construction and money services industries. The first meeting will include presentations from the CFO’s Division of Insurance Fraud, the Office of the Statewide Prosecutor as well as representatives from the insurance industry.

Source: Florida CFO’s Office

Click here to read more about the formation of the Work Comp Fraud Working Group

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