June 18, 2018

AIA Supports Illinois Workers’ Compensation Reforms

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Steve Schneider, Midwest region vice president for the American Insurance Association (AIA), today sent a letter to Illinois State Senator Kwame Raoul, the lead Democratic negotiator on workers’ compensation issues, advocating for a full range of reforms. AIA believes that unless certain reforms are made to the present system, the costs of providing this coverage will increase.

In its letter to Sen. Raoul, AIA highlighted several reforms, included in SB 1349, that have been successful in improving the workers’ compensation system in other states. The reforms include required use of the American Medical Association (AMA) Impairment Guidelines, employer direction of medical care, medical fee schedule reductions, enhanced utilization review authority, wage differential benefit limitations, authority for collectively bargained workers’ compensation systems, and a requirement that employment be the major contributing factor for injuries to be compensable be a part of any final package of reform.

Recently, the Senate considered, but rejected on a very close roll call vote (25-6-28), a package of serious and proven reforms (Senate Amendment 2 to SB 1349). The proposed reforms aim to improve the workers’ compensation climate for workers and employers alike. AIA is hopeful that the Illinois Legislature will reconsider the reforms contained within Senate Amendment 2 to SB 1349 and make workers’ compensation reform a priority for this session.

A copy of Mr. Schneider’s letter is available here .

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