March 15, 2018

Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency Releases 2010 Annual Report

The State of Michigan’s Workers’ Compensation Agency has released their 2010 Annual Report.

Highlights from the 2010 edition include:

  • Health Care Services has put in place an internet automated Certification of a Carrier’s Professional Health Care Review program so insurance carriers, self-insured’s and insured groups can go online and submit renewal information. This new process decreases manpower hours used for processing and improves the efficiency of the unit.
  • Governor Granholm appointed James P. Harvey and George H. Wyatt III to the Appellate Commission, replacing Donna J. Grit and Rodger G. Will respectively. Commissioner Grit left the Commission to become a Social Security Administrative Law Judge, and Commissioner Will retired at the end of his term. Commissioner Granner S. Ries was re-appointed to the Commission.
  • The rule promulgation process was completed on Board of Magistrates rule R418.55. The rule now requires that the parties exchange any necessary Notice of Intent and corresponding Objection amongst themselves without submitting copies to the Board of Magistrates. It is estimated that this rule change will result in a 50% reduction in contested case correspondence.
  • Streamlined processing of contested case files as a result of eliminating needless procedures.
  • Through a partnership with DTMB, WCA was able to streamline the processing of outgoing mail creating efficiencies and eliminating redundancy.
  • The WCA currently working with 39 additional insurance companies to send workers’ compensation insurance coverage information electronically.

Also mentioned were upcoming events for 2011:

  • Continued monitoring medical care providers’ compliance with the agency’s Health Care Services Rules (cost containment fees)
  • The Funds Administration will undergo a reorganization which will combine the three claims handling areas into two sections.
  • The Appellate Commission will be assimilated into the newly created Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, under the Michigan Administrative Hearing System division.

The full report is available here (PDF).

Source: Michigan DeLEG – WCA

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