March 20, 2018

What’s the State of YOUR Union?

Today’s issue of WorkCompRecap ties in a bit with the State of the Union Address delivered by President Obama last night, however we’ll avoid the slightly more obvious PPACA route, and take a moment to discuss technology.

As President Obama addressed the Nation, he spoke of investment in the improvement of many aspects of our infrastructure, both physical, and perhaps just as significantly, technical. He also emphasized the importance of small business in our country.

Looking forward into an age of rapidly accelerating technical change, participants in the Work Comp space need to ask themselves if they are ready and able to keep riding (or to hurry up and catch) the wave of technological change that is already occurring today.

Small businesses are already riding the wave (oftentimes they have to), and according to a recent survey conducted by EMPLOYERS, the majority of small business decision makers prefer to deal with carriers that they consider tech-savvy, and almost a third don’t consider any carrier savvy.

Such findings tell us that no matter where you are in the Comp ecosystem, chances are we can all come up with more ideas that will help carry us all forward technologically. Our customers, and our nation are asking for it.

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