June 19, 2018

New Pharma Cost Drivers in Comp…

Today’s edition of WorkCompRecap features a working report posted for feedback by the California Commission on Health, Safety, and Workers’ Compensation. Prepared by Rand, Inc., the paper seeks to explore the issues and factors involved in the use of compound drugs, co-packs and medical foods under the California workers’ compensation program. The study also seeks to assess whether policy changes are needed to promote medically appropriate and efficient use of such products.

Another related study was published by CWCI in August 2010. Focused on Utilization and Costs, the report pointed out that compound drugs, co-packs and medical foods have emerged as significant pharmaceutical cost drivers in the system, and that the trend was likely to continue until addressed by statutory controls and administrative oversight to determine efficacy and appropriate use of such products.

Also noted by CHSWC was that the report was delivered “in response to a legislative request.” Could compound drugs, co-packs, and medical foods be headed the same way as repackaged drugs in California?

Find out more (including a link to the CHSWC report!) by clicking here.

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