March 20, 2018

A Big Network Deal in Arizona!

Todays’ version of WorkCompRecap has a variety of news including a new partnership agreement between SCF of Arizona, the largest workers’ compensation insurer in Arizona, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Arizona.  As part of this new agreement, SCF of Arizona will add the Blue Cross Blue Shield healthcare facilities and ambulatory surgery centers to their proprietary Preferred Connection Network (PCN).  This will undoubtedly improve access to facilities throughout the state and improve the network discounts SCF had negotiated directly with hospitals and healthcare facilities as part of their PCN program.

With another Blue Cross Blue Shield plan/licensee entering the workers’ compensation network business, does this signal the beginning of a new trend in network strategy?  Combined with the changes in Texas that are effective January 1, 2011, and the fee schedule changes either in process or contemplated, I’m sure many payers are re-thinking their network strategy.  More to follow on this topic in the weeks and months ahead.

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Happy Holidays.


Patrick J. Sullivan
Managing Editor

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